EGR Valve

Does your car feel like it has lost it “oomph?” Like it just doesn’t run as smooth as it used to? The reason may be due to your EGR Valve. What is that you ask? The technical name for this part is “Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve.” This little valve does just what its name says. It reroutes some exhaust back into the air intake system in both gasoline and diesel engines. Without getting to technical and to make it simple, the exhaust gas takes up some space in the engine cylinders, replacing some of the oxygen-rich air that would otherwise be in the engine cylinders. This will help your vehicle to get better fuel economy while at the same time meeting increasing environmental standards. It also keeps the fuel burning event cooler which means fewer harmful nitrous oxides are produced. A hard working little valve if you ask me.

So what causes the valve to go bad? Simply the soot due to the burning of the fuels in your engine. Over time this soot will build up and clog up the valve causing your engine too idle rough and run poorly. Diesel engines are particularly susceptible to becoming clogged because of the high soot content in diesel exhaust. You can help to extend the life of your diesel engine EGR Valve by reducing idling time. The next would be choosing a fuel with a higher cetane rating: the higher the rating, the better the combustion will be.

Sometimes the valve can be cleaned and replaced keeping your car running smooth for a little while longer. However, if the buildup of the soot is too much or has caused damage to the valve, the valve will have to be replaced.  If you think this may be the cause of your vehicle being “sluggish”, give us a call at Rock Hill Automotive and we will be happy to check out your vehicle for you.

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